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*More fully fledged applications can be found on the Products page. The Bash page is dedicated to fully commented oneliners, and a MySQL quick reference is available here.

# Open and Read: fname = "geo_ips.txt" with open(fname) as f: data = [line.strip('\n') for line in f.readlines()] # Calculate Freq: countries = [] freqs = [] for country in data: if country != "ddress not found": #remove the lookup failures if not country in countries: countries.append(country) freqs.append(1) else: freqs[countries.index(country)] = freqs[countries.index(country)] + 1 # Tuple it for sorting: cf = [] for i in range(0, len(countries)): t = (countries[i], freqs[i]) cf.append(t) # Sort, Highest to Lowest: cf_sorted = sorted(cf, key=lambda val: val[1], reverse=True) # Generate Output: fout = open("auth_attempts.txt", 'w') fout.write("<p><b>Origin --> # Attempts</b></p>\n") for i in range(0, len(countries)): line = str(cf_sorted[i][0]) + " --> " + str(cf_sorted[i][1]) # print line fout.write(line) fout.write('\n') fout.close()