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Our Products

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Tell Myself


Ever have an idea you'd like to remind yourself of in a little while, or maybe in the morning when you're thinking more clearly? Lots of apps for that. Ever tried to use one of those apps and forgotten your idea before you had managed to set all of the options required to setup a reminder? Enter Tell Myself!

Simple and intuitive reminder app. Use to push simple notifications to yourself without having to choose lots of options!

Update 1.5.1 (September 25th '19):

  • Fully updated for latest iPhones!
  • Several bug fixes to do with changing timezones.

Langauges: iOS Swift
Originally Created: July 10th '16



A simple Linux rootkit. AF_Force is designed as a proof of concept and learning tool, and is a work in progress. There are many Anti-Forensic (AF) practices, the strengths and weaknesses of which should necessarily be considered from within the context of one's operational security protocol. If you're concerned with being SWATted, for instance, but need to have your operations actively running, full disk-encryption + some method of instantly killing your system might be a good start. If you know you'll have at least a day's warning of an intrusion, and you lack the ability to use high-end encryption for some reason, some kind of obfuscation technique might be more valuable. The extremes (think Thermite) are naively attractive, but driving a tank down main street is almost always the wrong call.

AF_Force explores this spectrum. It provides a very slow file scrambling prototype, which might - in the face of a very specific, unsophisticated, or overworked adversary - slow or prevent cataloging. It also provides a very fast system disabling method through zeroing the cr3 register, which contains the current pagetable address in x86 processors.

*Obviously, use at your own risk. Further, this has not been updated for kernels past 4.4

Langauges: C Python Bash
Originally Created: May 2nd '17

Christmas Vacation Soundboard


Fun little holiday sound board with the classic bites from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! From considering where to place such a large tree, to the gift that keeps on giving, enjoy a little click and play for OS X!

Go ahead and pick out something for yourself that's.. Reeeeaaallll Niiiiiceee.

Langauges: Obj-C
Originally Created: July 10th '10

Privacy Policy

We directly collect no information through our applications, and are philosophically opposed to the practice. However there are many other agents involved in the majority of digital interactions. Tell Myself, for instance, is distributed via Apple's App Store, which itself collects quite a large amount of information. All users should take care to understand their risks when using such systems.