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*More fully fledged applications can be found on the Products page. The Bash page is dedicated to fully commented oneliners, and a MySQL quick reference is available here.

#!/usr/bin/python """ Will Bergen - 2020 - Balanced parentheses using a stack - Uses list.append() as push() - Example usage: ./ "((()))" """ import sys # Ensure input: if len(sys.argv) != 2: print "need an arg" exit(1) # Check input for correct chars: print "Input: " + sys.argv[1] for c in sys.argv[1]: if not (ord(c) == 40 or ord(c) == 41): print "Invalid input" exit(1) # Declare Stack: stack = [] # For each open, push, for each close, pop for c in sys.argv[1]: if c == '(': stack.append(c) else: # Failing pop() is automatically a fail try: stack.pop() except: print "Not Balanced" exit(1) # Anything other than empty stack (ie. empty list) is fail: if len(stack) == 0: print "Balanced" exit(0) else: print("Not Balanced") exit(1)