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Much by way of discourse, some by way of advice; security from Clausewitz to Fancy Bear.
JavaScript Quick Reference
JavaScript Quick Reference

Recently, I've been working a lot with Vue.js.  Not having much of a JavaScript background, I've been bitten by what seem like some pretty basic 'gotchas'.  I've also had to look up a couple fairly basic things a number of times, which usually means one thing: it's time for some structured notes!

Posted by Will - May 8th '20
Return of the Fed Beta
Return of the Fed Beta

    I've been occasionally playing with html5 canvas animations, and related things for a while.  Here's the first vaguely playable result!  See if you can stay at the top of the high scores ;)

Also, it turns out that image creation, manipulation, sizing, creating multiple correctly sized and formatted versions of the same image, etc takes up way more time than I (naively) thought.  I have a whole new appreciation for the amount of time, energy and painstaking attention to detail that must have been applied to making the games I've enjoyed over the years!

Posted by Will - January 19th '19
Dedicated Bash Page!
Dedicated Bash Page!

Content now available Here!

Posted by Will - July 17th '18
Tell Myself is on the App Store!
Tell Myself is on the App Store!

Simple and intuitive reminder app. Use to push simple notifications to yourself without having to choose lots of options!

For more information, head to our Products Page, or head straight to

Posted by Will - January 15th '16


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