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Much by way of discourse, some by way of advice; security from Clausewitz to Fancy Bear.

    A couple of weeks ago, some colleagues of mine and I went to a bar after work.  It was a typical bar atmosphere, perhaps slightly amplified by it being a Friday, with loud music and louder patrons.  Despite some difficulty hearing each other, we got chatting over beers. At some point Adam, someone I’d worked with closely in the preceding weeks, was describing a process by which coding assignments - programs written by students to solve an assigned problem - were automatically checked at NYU.  The process automatically ran the submitted programs, systematically trying malformed inputs and edge cases; things like replacing an expected number with a string, or a divisor with zero. This piqued my interest, and I responded enthusiastically, “Oh, they’re fuzzing ‘em!” He looked at me quizzically, and kindly replied “No… It’s actually the opposite of fuzzing.”  While ‘opposite’ perhaps too strongly implies dichotomy, he was absolutely correct. And I knew that. So what happened?

Posted by Will - March 11th '19


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