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Naive Line of Code Count

A quick and dirty LOC approximation based on file extension.

Replace *.php in the example with whatever will match the files you want to line count.

t=0;n=0;find dir-to-search/ -name "*.php" -exec wc -l {} \; > loc.TEMP;  while read l; do n=$(echo -n $l | cut -d" " -f1); t=$((t+n)); done < loc.TEMP; echo "Total Lines: $t"; rm loc.TEMP

This is pretty straightforward.  First, we makes sure our vars are set to zero.

It makes use of find's -exec to run wc, and then sloppily extracts the number of lines with cut.  Then it performs some bash math with the $(()) construct, echos the result and deletes the temporary file.

Finally, it makes use of that great bash while read line; do <stuff> ; done < file while paradigm!


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